Paris Fashion Label to Check Out: Blugirl

During my recent travel in Paris I enjoyed discovering new labels that are not available yet in Los Angeles (US).  I stumbled into Blugirl store and I instantly like it due to their own youthful aesthetic, stylish and lively store atmosphere.  The stores are both located in the prestigious Paris luxury shopping street at 58 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. 

I also like the fact that I got one of their free catalogues! 

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 What is a Blugirl woman?

Blugirl women identify with a quirky, bon ton and glamour image with a touch of irreverence. Fashion is a game and the Blugirl women know this: nothing is taken too seriously, everything is constantly toned down and reinvented. The Blugirl style expresses itself in an unexpected, eccentric and extrovert way. The style is trendy, colourful and fun, yet with careful good taste, elegance and an eye for detail, the manifestation of a feminine and romantic mood. (source:

Below are some sample of their clothes.  Click each photo for larger image.  Photo Credit:

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