Our Exclusive Interview with Zang Toi. One of the Fashion Designers to watch out for this 2011! He made the best backless dress ever!

Who is Zang Toi? Let’s watch this video first. The designs that made me drool over talent and swarovski crystals combined! You’ll see the best backless dress ever and the most crystallized dressed I dream to wear!

Photo-Credit: Anastassios Mentis; House of Toi

How would you define Zang Toi styles? What is the “mark” of Zang Toi Designs?
Timeless Beauties that are uniquely Chic & Glamorous.

How do you get inspirations for your designs?
From my travels.

What is your typical day to day routine as a fashion designer?
I go to my office in the late morning or after lunch and have a brief meeting with my office manager. Then, I move on to my production team to check on the work in progress. I work very closely with my chief patternmaker to make sure the garment is executed perfectly. After that, I finally get to sit down at my desk and check emails. I usually do my emails at night in the comfort of my own apartment but some emails needed to be responded to as soon as possible. Sometimes I have to make phone calls to my clients or buyers. I work so closely with them; most of them end up becoming my friends too. 2 months before the fashion week, I start doing my research and sketching new designs.

You have countless major Hollywood celebrities wearing Zang Toi but who is your dream celebrity that you’d like to see wearing Zang Toi?
French First Lady, Carla Bruni.

What is one of the most memorable experiences in your fashion career so far?
Getting the only standing ovation in the recent New York Fashion Week (Fall/Winter 2011).

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Do your own thing and do not follow trends blindly. Find your signature style.

What are some of your favorite fashion websites, magazines, or books?
I have such collections of art and fashion books, there are too many to mention. I like to read lifestyle magazines like Departures and France Magazine.

Photo Credit: Zoomzoom.com

Do you sketch or use a program to design your items? If you use a program, what program do you use?
Old fashion sketching on paper.

Zang Toi By Weston Wells

What are the most popular designs/items in your line of products?
My classic pieces, House of Toi cashmere sweaters or wraps and tailored suits.

What kind of styles or products can we expect for next season?
It’s a surprise.

Watch this video for a preview of his Fall 2011 Collections from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!

Follow Zang Toi on Twitter @ZANGTOI.

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    Very nice work with getting the interview and thank you for sharing it. Do you know how one can get in touch with the designer himself? I’d love to ask him a few questions myself.

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