How to Organize Kids Documents and School Projects

Kids grow up too fast, so I recently took the time to organize my kids’ documents before they get too overwhelming and unmanageable.

Here’s how I organized my kids’ documents:

1. I used a see-through cart plastic drawer with wheels:

2. I bought sets of many green filing folders. If I were to do it again, I would have bought different colors for the filing folders to represent every year. Oh well, I’ll do that next year!

3. All papers/school work or documents I need to file:

How to Organize kids document

Tips to Organize kids document

In the first cabinet, I filed my eldest son’s documents by year then I put categories for each. For example:

– Receipts
– Souvenirs
– Medical Records
– Cards/Letters

Year 2009
– Cards/Letters
– Medical Records
– (Printed) Pictures

– Preschool Arts
– Drawings/Other Arts
– Health Records
– Cards/Letters

So on and so forth…

The second drawer will be for the upcoming second child!

Tip of the day: “Don’t wait for the perfect time to organize your kids documents or it may never happen. The more you postpone, the more overwhelming it gets… Now is the best time. If you don’t do it soon, a year from now you’ll wish you have started…”

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