Five Must-Try and Must-Buy This Week of May

1. Brow Tint Pen in Natural Taupe by Milani

brow tint milani

Photo Credit: Milani

Here’s another breakthrough in eyebrow makeup. Welcome to the age of “Brow Tint” pen.

If you’ve grown tired of brow pencils, powders, gels or any combination of this, try the Brow Tint pen. I like it because it is the most natural looking eyebrow makeup compared to the other options. It also stays the whole day smudge-free and acts like it’s waterproof! You can wear it the whole day without the need to re-apply. It doesn’t fade. The felt tip glides smoothly and so easy to use.

This Brow Tint pen by Milani is very affordable unlike other premium makeup and the result is the same.

Just find the right color for your and it’s worth it! I use the natural color

2. Evernote

Gone are the days that I use “stickies” or Post It for reminders or notes. Evernote is the new productivity tool I use to write my reminders, notes, thoughts, list, To Do’s and just about everything! It synchs with my iPhone, home computer, work computer anywhere! In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what to do about it. I didn’t see (right away) what’s so special about it. I mean, it’s nothing but an electronic note. But as soon as I started using it and move all my notes to Evernote, it immediately becomes one of my best productivity tools.


Photo Credit: Evernote

Download it on your App Store. It’s free!

3. Nutella and GO! Snack

nutella snack with breadsticks

nutella snack with breadsticks

Both kids and adults love it. I love it. It’s a yummy snack. Something new (and better than) Yan Yan or Pocky sticks!

4. Summer polish (see picture above)
It’s summer. It’s fun. It’s carefree! Try an electric purple nail polish free of DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde.
Ideal for warm skin tones and short nails, this glossy nail polish is a great way to get yourself updated with the neon trend.

5. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

neutrogena towelettes

Photo Credit: Neutrogena

I am not a big Neutrogena fan. In fact, I don’t like their line of makeup products because they are usually not compatible with my skin. Somehow I break out when I use their products except for this Neutrogena cleansing towelettes makeup remover. It’s ultra-soft, glides smoothly on my face like silk and dissolves all traces of makeup even waterproof mascara! It does its job so well when removing my mascara that my eye lashes don’t come off unlike other makeup removers. Very gentle on the face. Now I stopped using my other (liquid) makeup removers and started using this.

You may find two kinds of towelettes. One with the blue sticker (as shown on photo) and one with white. I use the blue just like in the photo and it has better reviews. So I stick to this kind.

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