Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. It’s one of the best-smelling and earth-friendly household cleaners you can get!

WHAT: Mrs Meyers Clean Day Soap . It’s one of the best-smelling and earth-friendly household cleaners!

There are three major scents:

Basil – It has a cool, crisp scent that revives the senses and calms the nerves. All that and a sparkling clean house too!
Lavander – Is valued for its relaxing scent that’s soothing, tranquilizing and is believed to relieve fatigue.
Lemon Verbena – Has a wonderfully light, citrus scent that’s refreshing, invigorating and is considered to pick-you-up.

These are all my three favorite scents. Mrs. Meyers has more scents than just these three.

WHY: It smells very good and it cleans your hands very well! Perfect for kitchen, bathrooms and just about any rooms. If you would like to receive a guaranteed compliment from you guests, put this in your guest room too! They would love it!

mrs meyers lemon verbena

Photo Credit: Mrs Meyers

WHERE TO BUY: Check all the Mrs Meyers products Here!

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