Twelve Money Savings Tips for 2014

Welcome 2014! I hope everyone more love, happiness, peace, good health and success this year!

Here are twelve simple Money Savings Tips I would like to share to start 2014 that I’m definitely going to follow so I can use it on my next Christmas money!

1. Tip #1. The 52 Week Money Savings Plan. The picture is pretty self-explanatory.

52 week money savings plan

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2. Tip #2. The 5-Dollar Savings Plan. Every time you come in contact with a $5 bill, stick it in a jar! I know one woman who did this and in two year’s time she saved $12,000 quickly!


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3. Tip #3. You’ll be fine without a landline. Get Magic Jack Plus. It’s a USB device connected to your router. Your PC doesn’t need to be always on to get a phone line and works best if you have fast internet connection. We have been in Magic Jack for 5 years now! The Magic Jack plus is great and works as advertised!

magic jack plus

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4. Stop buying bottled water. Buy a sturdy and durable water bottle to bring with you all the time! As a mom of a toddler, I always bring water bottle with me and many times I thank myself for always bringing water with me! It saved me so much money from buying water bottle when I need it and the hassle of trying to find one when I need it.  You just don’t know when your kid will ask for water and you can’t be buying bottled water all the time! Same reason when I’m at work. I always keep a bottle water on my desk to keep me hydrated and it really does bring a lot of benefit for owning one. Here’s one of my favorite bottled water is Takeya Classic Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, 22-Ounce. For more details click here for my related article about this.

takeya water bottle

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5. Have a dinner menu plan prepared for the week. Click here for details about How We Save Money on Food and Groceries.

6. Now is the best time to refinance your house. Do it now before it’s too late! If you’re unsure, don’t assume. Find a professional that can help you figure out what are your best options at this time.

7. Replace your bulbs with LED lights. These bulbs might cost more initially, but they both have a longer life than normal incandescent bulbs and they both eat far less electricity. Put LEDs in your closets, porch, outside hallways, whenever you think is possible. This will reduce a significant amount from your electric bill.

8. Visit your public library and save yourself from buying books all the time. Check out local parks and free museums in your area.

9. Review your cell phone and other bills. See what you can trim and discontinue at this time.

10. Clean out your closet. Re-evaluate things around the house. You’ll find a lot of things that you can probably get rid off. Sell your unused items on eBay or run your own garage sale! If you have “too nice” of an item to be in a garage sale, run a silent auction among your friends, neighbors and family.

11. For this year, try making your own things to give as gifts instead of going to the stores and buying stuff. Personalized and homemade items are usually way better, more memorable and valuable than many things you can buy in the store. Like this Christmas, a relative of mine gave my son a personalized blanket/quilt. We love it a lot and were very touched of the effort and care put through it.

12. Time to buy a new car this year? Go for reliable and fuel efficient cars like hybrids or electric cars most especially if you drive a lot around town. Carpool or take public transportation when possible.

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