Money Saving Tip #6: Make a list of things you really want, prioritize your shopping and check out thrift stores!

Photo Credit: Catriona

Name: Catriona, but people call me Caz
Full time Profession: Full time student / Casual shoe store Sales Consultant
Location: Sydney, Australia
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I learned how to sew at 4 years old when my mother taught me to sew a bag for all my crafty tools and such. Ever since I have been into fashion, entering several fashion competitions.
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1. Figure out what it is that you want. Make a wish list of things you really want at the moment and prioritize your shopping. When in a store, look for the items on your list and focus on that as much as possible to avoid picking up extra items that appeal to you.
2. Thrift it! Check out your local thrift/charity stores for cheap clothes. It not only helps you save a few dollars, but gives back to a charity!

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