Money Saving Tip #2: The Frugal Facial


Yesterday I mentioned that I will try to give money saving tips about beauty and fashion in straight 5 days!   Read here for Money Saving Tip #1

Now let’s go to money saving tip #2 and let’s call it, “The Frugal Facial”.

Everyone is all about the new sonic facial cleansing system.  You know, those facial cleansing system with rotating brush which typically range from $150 and up?  They are great and all, and I’m sure that they deliver fantastic results because of the many positive reviews it receives.  But what if you are tight with budget, can’t afford to purchase or can’t pay an expert?

Try Buf Puf for less than $5.  Available in many grocery stores.   It removed my stubborn whiteheads and blackheads!  Read related story here!

Sonic Skin Cleansing System: $150 and up

Buf Puff: $5

Savings: $145 and up!


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