Milan Italy Fashion Find: Liu-Jo

First of all, the reason of my infrequent daily posting is because I am currently in Europe and have no stable internet connection so please bear with me for just another week!

Anyway, my fashion find of the day in Milan Italy is LIU JO. Why? There are definitely lots of stores to choose from in Milan specifically in Duomo but I only have a very short time spent in Italy. Also, majority of the stores in Duomo are already available in the US so I chose Liu-Jo.

I like Liu-Jo because of their casual yet feminine, sophisticated and elegant styles. Their purses on display initially caught my attention but I ended up getting a cashmere instead! The brand is not only available in Italy. It is everywhere in Europe. In fact it is a global brand but has not reached the United States yet. However I was told by one of the staff that they will be opening a store in the US by next year.

Photo Credit: Liu-Jo Facebook

Photo Credit: Liu Jo Facebook Fan Page

Photo Credit: Liu-Jo Facebook

Photo Credit: Liu Jo Facebook

Photo Credit: LIU-Jo Fashion discovery Milan

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