Part 1: Fresh and Talented Fashion Bloggers Around the World

This week we will be featuring one fashion blogger each day from different parts of the world.  We always find it interesting to learn more about other people’s culture, hobbies and of course their own recommendations!

Let’s start of with one of our friends Lisa Ann Karst

Photo Credit: Lisa Ann Karst

Name: Lisa Ann Karst
Nicknames: Sweetlis and Lisel
Fulltime Profession: I am still trying figure out exactly what my full time profession is, but I love getting paid for styling, personal shopping, and style consulting. It is important for me to always have a creative outlet.  I have done work in retail window design, trend forecasting, and I look forward to writing more, as well as learning photography. All in good time. 
Hometown: Blacklick, OH. Just outside of Columbus.
Current Location: Manhattan Beach, CA.
Most recent accomplishment: I made my grandmother cry… happy tears, at Christmas. She loved the custom embroidered pillows I got her. One pillow was embroidered with a photo of she and my grandfather on their wedding day, the other with a more recent photo of the two of them. She never has much of a reaction to gifts… LOL! Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do, any time of the year.
Dream Job or Career: This may sound odd to some, but my dream job in life has always been to be a mom. Until that day comes, I will continue to style the pants off… I mean on, people.

Photo Credit: Lisa Ann Karst

Recommended things:
Item can’t live without: Aside from a purse packed with candy at all times, I have to say that life just wouldn’t be the same without my Jeffrey Campbell Litas. They truly live up to hype! And they are not terribly expensive.
Beauty tip: Ask lots of questions if you’re a bit of tomboy like myself when it comes to makeup. Otherwise, protect your skin. Being relatively fair complected, I wish I had cared less about having a tan, and more about preserving my skin when I was younger.
Travel Destination: Barcelona, Spain. I was in complete awe of the architecture, and its history. I hope to return one day.
Food/dish to try: Eating a Tootsie Roll and Bite of Twizzlers at the same time. Yummy! I have a method to eating almost all candy.
Book to read: As long as you are not easily offended, I recommend sitting down with a copy of Chelsea Handler’s books. I’m talking laugh out loud funny. They make great airplane reads.
Movie to see: Recommended movie to see: It is next to impossible to narrow a movie recommendation down to just one, but this is definitely my top 5. My all time favorite flick is Romeo + Juliet. You know, the one with Leo and Claire, brilliant! A few other movies you should watch… today, if you can, are Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst, Moulin Rouge, Interview With The Vampire, and the Sound of Music. Wow, that was a tough choice.
Advice to anyone who aspires to be like me: Keep trying, because these things don’t always happen over night. Also be sure to thank those that help you get to where you are trying to go. We rarely make it somewhere all on our own. Graciousness looks good on everyone.

*Meet our next Fashion Blogger tomorrow!

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    i love her style! great post. i just discovered your blog, and i love it! i’m now following. i hope you’ll check mine out! i’d love any advice or input

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