Love and Misadventure

Book of the Day: Love & Misadventure

Love and Misadventure is a poetry book that resonates so deep. Mostly short, simple and to the point but speaks volumes to your heart and soul.

Anyone will surely relate one way or another with this book!

love and misadventure

Photo Credit: Lang Leav

Here are three of my favorite poems by Lang Leav

“Soul Mates

I don’t know how you are so familiar to me—or why it feels less like I am getting to know you and more as though I am remembering who you are. How every smile, every whisper brings me closer to the impossible conclusion that I have known you before, I have loved you before—in another time, a different place, some other existence.”
― Lang Leav

“Xs and Ox
Love is a game
of tic-tac-toe,
constantly waiting
for the next x or o.”
– Lang Leav

There are things I miss
That I shouldn’t
And things I don’t
That I should

Sometimes we want
What we couldn’t
Sometimes we love
Who we could” – Lang Leav

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soul mates lang leav

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