I was Invited to Attend an Exclusive Louis Vuitton Party and Here is my Number 1 Rule

It was a privileged to be invited by Louis Vuitton lastnight to attend the reopening of their store in Beverly Center.  No one was allowed to take photos due to the exclusivity of the event.  So unfortunately, I couldn’t show you how much fun the party went.  Bummer!  But it’s OK because I was told by their Social Event Coordinator that they will send me a copy of their official photos once  they are ready to share with you all (Wink!  Let’s see if they keep their promise).

It was a fun party!  There was loud music, an open bar, some celebrities and of course lots of Louis Vuitton!  And as much as I would like to talk about their party and rave about it, I couldn’t since I don’t have much to show.  Maybe some other time, if again, they send me the pictures.  Instead, I will just share with you my rule when attending exclusive “brand” parties like this, “Do not wear competing brands!”

I love Chanel and Prada and I am a customer myself.  But take note that if you are invited to let say, “a Louis Vuitton party” try not to wear a competing brand.  As a courtesy, just use something unnoticeable or no brand name at all.  I would do the same if I ever attend a Chanel or Prada party.  Either I show up wearing a Chanel bag or Prada or no brand name at all!

These are the don’ts! (note that it is a party for LV!)

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