Louis Vuitton Customer Service

I just want to simply commend Louis Vuitton for the generous customer service they gave me recently.

I went to Louis Vuitton, New York recently  to browse and check out their new purses.  I had no intention of shopping so I thought that I might as well drop by  Customer Service  to ask how much it would cost me to replace the keyholder of my purse (see picture below) since I lost it.  I admit, it may be something small and simple but it broke my heart to loose this little piece.    I’m afraid that they will say it will cost me another few hundred dollars to replace it and another few hundred dollars for taxes and shipping.  Besides, I  don’t live in NY so it may cost me more.

Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton USA website, Monogram Vernis, Melrose Ave.

Anyway they said that they don’t know how much it will cost me yet but they will call me.

Ta-dah! Within 60 days I got a surprised call from Louis Vuitton.   They will replace it for free but I just have to pay for shipping.  Good enough!

I just want to share this and let you know that after all, Louis Vuitton does not always cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.  For a change, I got something for free!

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