Lessons from Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding. Must Read!

Photo Credit: The British Monarchy

After watching the royal wedding, this is what we learned…

1.  That fairytales do come true.

2.  That a prince really does take a princess home in a carriage.

3.  That a commoner can marry a prince.

4.  That princes and princesses are really goodlooking.

5.  That only important people are invited to the ball.

6.  That princes and princess do kiss on the balcony.

7.  That a true prince not only promises marriage but will marry you publicly.

8.  That David Beckham and Victoria Beckham won’t disappoint you.  Not only they will be there at your wedding but they will also arrive early and in style.

9.  There will always be that one odd guest.  So odd that people may launch a Facebookpage to discuss.

10.  You don’t need a French manicure on your wedding.  Nude color or barely-there nailpolish is acceptable.

11.  You can also do your own makeup.

12.  That the wedding starts on time.

13.  That even Prince William can give up singlehood.  A true prince is not afraid of commitment.

14.  You don’t need to invite everyone to your wedding.  Not your hairstylist, neighbor’s dog or 5th degree cousins. Keep it simple.

15.  That you have to show your best on your wedding day.

16.  That you don’t need a 25 foot train for yourwedding dress.

17.  Appear as natural as possible on your wedding day.

18.  Less is more.

19.  That regardless who you are, where you are or what part of the world you’re in, we like to believe in romantic endings.

20.  That a kiss could be and should be magical.

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