Le Creuset is the Ultimate Dutch Oven

When it comes to cookware, I’m a big fan of Mauviel copper cookware but the Le Creuset is another option or alternative to those who prefer non-copper cookware.

Le Creuset [Pronounced as Luh-Croo-Say] is best known for its colorfully-enameled cast-iron cookware “French ovens”, also known as “casseroles” or “Dutch ovens”. The company also makes many other types of cookware, from sauce pans to tagines. Flame or Orange is the signature color. I have to say that this is the gold standard for dutch ovens.

Advantages of Le Creuset:
– Great for stews, braised meats, soups. Anything you wanted to cook in a dutch oven.
– The enamel cast iron is non-stick
– Clean up is easy
– Sturdy
– Durable and well-made
– All purpose
– Heats food evenly
– Ensures moisture and flavors are sealed in by perfectly fitting lids
– Retains heat longer which keeps foods hot when serving
– Energy efficient. Once hot, you require only a low to medium heat setting to maintain a good cooking performance.

Disadvantages of Le Creuset:
– Heavy when it is empty. Heavier with food inside. Not good for people with arthritis or have issues carrying heavy things.
– It chips (It doesn’t easily chip but it does after long wear and tear).
– Expensive
– Some people claim that the inside enamel may discolor a bit if use with high heat. Low heat is the key.

Amazon.com has great selections and wide variety of prices.


Photo Credit: http://www.hartsofstur.com

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