Laduree Macarons: A Multisensory Experience in France

Laduree Macarons: A Multisensory Experience in France

WHAT: Laduree: The Sweet Recipes

A recommended stop for your next trip to Paris – Maison Laduree for their oh-so-delicious macarons and the quintessential French patisserie experience! Laduree also makes beautiful cakes, chocolates, and pastries. The Laduree shops are carefully appointed and exude classical French decor, such that any girl will feel like a queen after stepping into one of their shops! The shops are located in Paris and all over the world. In the US, Laduree has successfully exported a piece of French culture in NYC.

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Macarons have popped up all over the US, but there’s nothing like the original. Laduree’s heritage in the macaron and the French cafe life spans over a hundred years. The quality and attention to detail are evident in their beautiful macarons, stores and their other products. Laduree lands at the intersection of haute cuisine, art, style, and culture!


Feel like Marie-Anoinette and have a revolution of sorts in your tastebuds! After you visit one of their shops, be sure to take home a box of macarons and some of their bath products to re-live your French moment comfortably in house! What girl wouldn’t want to enjoy Laduree macarons in her favorite slippers and pajamas after a long day at work?  By the way, in case you can’t fly to Paris anytime soon, this book Laduree: The Sweet Recipes contains scrumptious recipes from the world-famous Ladurée tea shop, revealing the secret of their magical macaroons for the first time ever.


Paris Sweets: Great Desserts From the City’s Best Pastry Shops

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To get the French version check out Ladurée salé, Edition sous coffret Michel Lerouet (Author), Sophie Tramier (Author)

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