A New Toy for Kids: Kinetic Sand. Great for Hours of Sustained Imagination

WHAT:  Waba Fun Kinetic Sand

WHY: When I first saw this, I thought it was odd. I mean, why would someone sell sand to play, right? But not until I touched and played with it myself. I immediately thought how entertaining and soothing it is. It’s 98% sand that acts like clay. It encourages hours of sustained imagination by playing sand without going to the beach. Any kids and even parents will love it. It’s really hard to explain the thrill I get from this. You have to physically touch it to understand what I mean!

Below is a video of how it works.

WHERE TO BUY: I stumbled onto it when I went to Aaron Brothers in their toy section but Amazon carries a 2.2/3lb Kinetic Sand for sale. Click here Click Here for Waba Fun Kinetic Sand

Fun kinetic sand

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

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