Kindle Fire vs. Ipad – Which one is better?

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With Amazon launching its much-awaited Kindle Fire tablet computer soon we may finally witness real tablet combat.

Apple’s devices have remained dominant.  Amazon’s new device though, may be different but competitive. Instead of competing with Apple, Amazon came out with a more simplified device that sells for less than an iPad 2 while sparing some of that tablet’s features.

The real debate when buying a tablet is to find out which one is best for you.

Here’s a quick comparison between an Amazon Kindle Fire and an iPad 2.

(Sources: Kindle Fire and iPad Specs.)


There is an approximate 2-inch difference between an iPad and a Kindle Fire.  Kindle has 7.5-inch screen while iPad has a 9.7-inch display. The advantage of a smaller screen is that it is easier to hold, store, and control.  However, a bigger screen means it is more entertaining to watch and play games.


The Kindle Fire is apparently smaller and lighter than an iPad.  Ipad weighs 1.33 pounds (601g) while Kindle Fire weighs 413 grams.


The Kindle Fire has only 8GB of storage compared with iPad’s 16GB smallest capacity.


At $199, the Kindle Fire will be far cheaper than the lowest-priced $499 iPad 2. That’s possibly an obvious advantage of the Kindle Fire vs. the iPad. This is a better alternative for parents looking to buy a tablet device for their kids.

Camera, Photos and video recording

The Kindle Fire doesn’t have a camera or microphone so video chatting and recording are out.

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Power and Battery

The Kindle Fire advertises 8 hours of continuous reading or 7.5 hours of video playback while wireless off as opposed to 10 hours for the iPad 2.


Kindle Fire users will have access to several thousand apps in Amazon’s app store while of course, as we all know, an iPad is not an iPad without the apps.  It has obviously several more thousand apps available.


Other than the cheap price, iPad dominates in many ways and has many more features.  In short, you get what you pay for.  You may be paying less for a Kindle Fire but of course you give up so many other things and the “cool factor” you get when owning an iPad.  In any case, if you are all about practicality then get a Kindle but if you’re not all about settling for less, get an iPad.  Your budget dictates what you get.


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