Kazam Balance Bike. The Safer and Quicker Way to Teach Your Kids How to Ride a Bike.

WHAT: Kazam Balance Bike

– Less injury. Without the pedal your kid can easily get up when they tip over. Won’t tangle and get stuck unlike regular bikes.
– Promotes great gross motor activity.
– It teaches the kid the balance technique before they have to worry about pedaling.
– Easily adjusts with the kid’s height.
– Gives the child more control over the bike.
– No sharp edges.
– Sturdy design.

Kazam Balance Bike.

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balance bike

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Also, while you’re on it, don’t forget to buy a helmet and knee pads. I got Diego Micro Bicycle Helmet and Protective Pad Value Pack for my son.

kids bike helmet and knee pad set

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

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