iPhone Bug on the Loose! Unlock an iPhone without Knowing the Password

There is a buzz going around how you could unlock an iPhone without knowing the password.  This is not a rumor, it is true.  This applies whether your iPhone is jailbroken or not, 3Gs or 4G, 4.1 OS or not!

So I tried on my own phone and a few other iPhones…

On your iPhone (while password locked)  –> hit the Emergency Call button  –> tap ### (tap the pound sign 3 times) –> click Call (green) button (and while holding it) –> quickly hit the Lock button (on top).  This will open up the iPhone’s Phone program, look up the owner’s contacts and make telephone calls to any phone number and do whatever you’d like!

You may need to turn off and on the phone to return to the normal screen mode or password protected screen.

Today’s recommendation: Be aware that your iPhone is not that secure and be sure to apply the next security update asap to protect your phone 😉

Photo Credit: Apple.com

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