The Hype Behind Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter

There is a hype or more like a plague going around. It’s Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. It’s on Facebook, Instagram, everywhere and most especially very popular among Filipinos. When someone has it. They instantly post a picture on it. It’s like a jar full of gold.

When I went to Trader Joe’s I couldn’t find it on the floor, neither on any cashier counter or their special aisles. When I asked one of the people who work at Trader Joe’s they tell me to go straight to the “Pit” which I guess what they call their customer service window . You have to buy it straight from the manager or from that window. Why? Because there is hoarding. Literally. Some of my friends say that they are even on a “waiting list” just to get it. Or if you are really desperate to get it, one tip is to call the store and find out when do they release the cookie butter jars on the floor. Just make sure to be there to buy it when they said so to make sure you get your jar right before it gets sold out.

I was told that this Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter gets sold out immediately everywhere so they have to balance the sales because people hoard. At least from the store that I buy it from (and other people confirmed this to me too) that they won’t sell a person more than two jars at once and they have to ask first which version do you want, “Creamy or Crunchy?” Then that’s all you get. In addition, I was told that each Trader Joe’s store is only allowed to release 1 case a day to balance their distribution because again, they really do get sold out on a daily basis.

If it’s inconvenient for you to buy it straight from the store or have no access to it, you can buy it from Amazon. Click Here to buy it online. They sell it for $11.86 while other individuals sell it up to $15.00. Trader Joe’s in-store sells it for only $3.69.

Going back to what I said earlier about “most especially very popular among Filipinos” is because I also found out that before this hype completely got out of control they started noticing Filipino tourists coming to Trader Joe’s and buying this cookie butter in large quantities and they started wondering why in the beginning. Until someone from Trader Joe’s corporate learned that this sells very well in the Philippines for a much higher price. Now, it’s not only among Filipinos but everyone is curious about this Speculoos cookie butter that the demand for it has completely gotten out of control. Trader Joe’s has to sell and release in limited quantity.

So is it really good? Yes. I like it so much that I could eat it straight from the jar. But is it really “all that and a bucket of chips”? No if you ever had ginger bread before. Don’t expect that this is really out of this world. But it’s something I don’t mind buying again if we run out of it. Besides, it’s only $3.69. Now, if you paid more than that because of the hype and expect too much then maybe not. You can probably wait until the hype goes away and then buy it.

One last tip, creamy is better than crunchy.

trader joes speculoos cookie butter

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