How to help people in Japan who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami

Lets spare a thought for our fellow humans in Japan.  I dedicate this day of blogging to them.

As most of us know, A massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Ocean nearby Northeastern Japan causing major damage with blackouts, fire and tsunami.  I definitely can relate the devastation because I was once directly affected by one of the largest floods in the Philippines caused by Ondoy (other known as Typhoon Ketsana) in the Philippines.  Here is a video about it.

First thing come to my mind when I heard about the disaster in Japan is, how may we help? As a basic, we can Donate, Volunteer our Time and Share the right Information. 

However, there are also many scammers out there so please take extra caution before giving donations.  Since I cannot fly myself out to Japan or something heroic like that (which I wish I could do), part of helping people in Japan is avoiding scammers, getting the right information and building awareness.

Here are some links that may help everyone in this time of crisis.   For now information is one of the safest things to contribute.

1.  Google Crisis Response – For realtime updates, warnings, local Japan emergency calls, message boards where you can enter the mobile phone number of the person you wish to confirm safety of, transportation status, flight status and blackout information.

2.  Red Cross – for Donations

3.  Better Business Bureau – To check whether the charities you are giving to are legitimate.  Like what their slogan say, “Start with Trust”.

4.  Read this very informative message from the Illinous Attorney General Madigan on how to ensure your donations will be used for intended purpose. 

5.  Unless you have yourself a team who can fly directly to Japan, give donations, share or feed the affected people, please research before donating.

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