How to Get Rid Of Whiteheads and Blackheads Naturally

Okay let me share with you one of my important beauty secrets from being whiteheads and blackheads free.  Ready?

It’s Buf-Puf!

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Buf-Puf always saves me from being whiteheads and blackheads free!

The first time I used Buf-Puf was when I was a teenager.  I used to have one annoying whitehead on my face and I never thought it will ever go away.  Really, it was huge ang ugly!  I lived with it for many years until I used Buf-Puf. I don’t remember how soon it disappeared but I was just surprised that one day I looked at the mirror and it was gone!   Buf-puf did it!

So later on, I stopped using using Buf-Puf just to try new promising beauty products but I got one single whitehead again!  I passionately hate this blemish so I thought of going back to using Buf-Puf.  After one month of using it everyday, it got rid of it again!!

Now, not only I’m whiteheads free, I have no blackheads either and  I’m sticking to Buf-Puf.

The key to a younger, healthier, cleaner and great looking skin is “daily exfoliation” and one heck of a great “moisturizer”.

Remember, we cannot stop aging but we can delay it!

I just want to put a little disclaimer here.  I can only share beauty tips from experience but I’m not a doctor.  Consult your doctor or dermatologist to see what product is best for you if this natural treatment doesn’t work for you.

Anyway, enjoy this little trick 🙂

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