This Makes My House Smell Really Good!

What makes my house smell so good? It’s the wax warmer.  A safer, wickless alternative to scented candles. A wax warmer is usually a decorative warmer designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame – and this is why I love it in addition to the fact that I finally found my perfect scented wax.

My favorite is “Citrus Sunrise Fragrance” by AmbiEscents

It smells so good, no kidding! I bought my Citrus Sunrise wax at “Bed Bath and Beyond” while the warmer I use is from Scentsy.  Scentsy also makes their own wax.  It’s just so happened that I stumbled into the Citrix Sunrise wax at Bed Bath and Beyond and I fell in love with it. 1 pack is only $2.99

HOW TO USE THE WARMER: Plug it in, break the bars, put 1 wax cube on top of the plate and voila!

I also like how the warmer has holes in it. The light from the bulb creates some calming effect.

WHERE TO BUY IT: Click the picture or the link and it will take you to link.

You can use Scentsy

or AmbiEscents

WHY GET IT: If you don’t want to hang on to candles while making your house smell really good, neither plugin another oil-based fragrance that only lasts for two weeks, try this! It smells superb, better than candles, a complimentary decorative item all in one!

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