Solution to Messy Computer Cables

It’s about time that we clean up those ugly messy wires under our computer desks!  Here is one organizational tip to clean up those spaghetti wires without spending more than $10!

Before  cleaning up…


1.  Find a storage box that has opening on both sides.  I found the perfect box at Costco for less than $10 for each box.  I like this box because it not only has the openings I am looking for but it also has small holes (like a weave) which serves as ventilation for the box.  I bought two because one box will serve as a storage for the wires while the second box (top) will serve as my box for the rest of the junk (ex. papers, knick-knacks, etc.).

Be mindful to get a box that is not prone to overheating easily and make sure that the box has enough ventilation.

2.  Disconnect all wires you don’t need that may still be attached to your computer.  Put them away while you’re doing this.  Now carefully put the power strip and wires inside the box using the openings on side for the wires to pass through.

3.  Voila!  You can also put the cover on the box so you have a place to put your feet up while working on your computer 🙂

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