Heeldice Heel Protector

Recommendation of the day:  Heeldice Heel Protector

“Regardless of cobblestone, gravel walk, garden party or sewer grate; within seconds you can protect your beloved high heels from damage.










“Almost every woman wears shoes with heels, even if it’s just once or twice a year, to a wedding or a party.

Unfortunately, town planners have not usually had such shoes in mind when laying out their creations, and gravel, drain covers, old cobbles and escalators are simply not as forgiving as a smooth dance floor. And even the most gorgeous shoes are worthless if the heel breaks just before your grand entrance. To help you out, there is Heeldice® – the world’s only heel protector.
The smart little Heeldice® cubes protect your heels against the ravages of outdoor life, and are very easy to use. Just carry them around in your handbag or purse, and when you find yourself on unsteady ground, grab a couple and stick them on to your heels with a couple of twists – you’re ready for your big moment. Once you’re back on more comfortable territory, you can remove the Heeldice® and put them back into their practical little bag in your purse. You’ll never again wish that you had worn flat shoes!” – Source:  http://www.heeldice.com/en/product/what_is_heeldice

How much: 4.99 Euro

WHERE TO BUY: Only available online and in Euro.  I can’t find it in US yet.

IDEA CREDIT: Tiza, Germany 🙂

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