Hand Soap of the Day: William Sonoma Lemongrass Ginger Hand Soap

WHAT: William Sonoma Lemongrass Ginger Hand Soap. Smells very clean, fresh and luxurious. Yes, it smells luxurious or expensive. You know what I mean when you smell something/someone expensive! It smells so good that you can get lost in it. Now I want my entire house to smell like this! The smell and feel is like staying in a 5-star hotel. Okay, make it even a 7-star hotel! That’s how good this is.

WHERE TO BUY: Lots of William Sonoma products are available on Amazon.com but I bought this Lemongrass Ginger at my local William Sonoma store.

William sonoma lemongrass ginger citronelle handsoap

Photo Credit: Emilyrecommends.com

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