Hair Color Must Try: Blue Black

HAIR COLOR TREND: Blue Black. For those of you who are not familiar with blue black, blue black won’t give you blue and black. Instead, it produces the darkest black! Not Jet black, not black, not dark black but blue black gives the darkest result! Think of Cleopatra’s dark hair… like that! Since the weather is cold, I thought of changing to the darkest color. Blue Black works for me because it gives me the shiniest, blackest, healthiest looking black hair (which is my natural color) like those in shampoo commercials! With blue black, it’s like displaying my natural hair color but 10x better! Great result if you want exceptionally black hair color!

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The person on the right is Nelly Furtado sporting blue black.

Professional Hair Salon: $75 to $200. Coloring can cost between $75 or $200 or more (depending which salon here in Los Angeles and how long is your hair)

Home Coloring: less than $15. I bought John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, Blue Black.
$avings: $60 to $185

“No drips, no stains, same salon effect, easy breezy!”

For many years I have been going to the salon to have my hair color done. One of the many reasons I go to a salon is because I hate the drips and stains it bring to the bathroom tiles, sink, everywhere! So I stopped coloring my own hair. Not until I stumbled into John Freida Precious Foam Color! It’s much easier now. Although you still have to mix two kinds of liquids into one bottle, it is now foam-based so there is no accidental drip!

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages from getting your hair done in the salon and at home. Note that my hair is short so it is easier for me to handle my own coloring. Had it been that my hair still long, I would still consider going to the salon.

Tips Before Colouring (Source: John Freida website)

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After shampooing your hair, wait at least 24 hours before colouring
Perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before use
Follow the instructions carefully
Select a shade no more than 2 levels away from your current colour
If you have bleached, highlighted, permed or relaxed hair, wait 2 weeks
Always apply to dry hair
Do not wear accessories or use metal tools
Before applying, comb your hair to detangle it
If colour touches the skin, wipe it off immediately

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