Hair Color Idea of the Day: “Ombre”

What is “Ombre”? Ombre is a style of hair color that starts dark and gradually gets lighter.  There should be a gradient between the two light and dark colors.  You have to go to a hairstylist who is familiar with this technique otherwise you may end up with a bad ombre where it more looks like a bad 1980’s Sun-In treatment!

Here are a few sample “ombres” I collected that makes me want to change my haircolor asap just by looking at them!

1.  The Gold and Black Ombre


2.  The Red Ombre

Photo Credit:

3.  Ombre Brown over Blonde (But I love the bangs more!)

Photo Credit:


5.  The Purple and Blonde “un-ombre”.  It is the opposite Ombre because it goes light to dark.  But I like it anyways!

6.  Beach Blonde Ombre

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7.  The chocolate brown and blonde ombre

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