Gypsy05 Exclusive Interview! One of the top labels to watch out for this 2011!

It was our privilege to interview Osi Shoham, head designer and Justin Frech, Marketing Manager of Gypsy05 to be given the opportunity to visit Gypsy05 office and warehouse. Seeing the actual process of how and where the clothes are made were definitely priceless. It’s like obtaining a degree in Fashion Design by experience and not just by theory! Visiting their office and meeting their team of staff is like a field trip you don’t want to miss! They showed me everything and taught me a lot of things I will never forget. That’s real education right there! Thanks Gypsy05 and of course, your hardworking, friendly and humble team of staff!

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin; Gypsy05 office

Q: How would you define Gypsy05 styles?
Osi: Modern, bohemian, easy to wear comfortable sexy.

Photo Credit:

Q: What or who are the inspirations behind your designs?
Osi: Everything. Nature, the world at large!

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin; Gypsy05 Inspiration Board

Q: What is one of the most memorable experience in your fashion career so far?
Osi: Our landmark was the Style Fashion Week Fashion Show last March.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin; Gypsy05 Brand

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
Osi: Create what you like and stand behind it!


Q: What are some of your favorite fashion websites, magazines or books?
Osi: Italian Vogue, Gypset Style

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin; Gypsy05 Work Board

Q: What kind of styles or products can we expect for next season?
Osi: Expect interesting prints in our flowy, easy-to-wear designs and of course the new washes and modern tie dyes!

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin; Gypsy05 tools

Q: What are your most popular items right now?

Justin: There are so many but ones of the few that sold out is the Jamie Maxi Dress and the Circa Silk Tube Maxi Dress

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

One thing that Gypsy05 does is keep the number of quantity at a minimum. We don’t mass produce most of our items so a lot of them are one-of-a-kind and limited. We get calls from people trying to get items that are sold out but if we are sold out, we don’t usually remake them. We move to the next design to keep our styles updated and fresh.

Q: Can you name the celebrities who wore Gypsy05?
Justin: Countless! Gypsy05 has a strong celebrity following, Gypsy 05 has graced the pages of major publications both domestic and abroad. From Jessica Alba to Vanessa Hudgens to Zac efron. You can check out the items they wore here!

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin; Gypsy05 Hollywood and Highland Billboard

Q: Is Gypsy05 Eco Friendly?

Justin: Definitely, yes! Gypsy 05 uses organic and natural fabrics; organic soy softeners, low impact dyes, and an organic seaweed extract printing discharge. All of these techniques are part of a larger mission to fight against environmental exploitation and create environmental awareness.

We are very proud that we have made the switch to green energy. The fact that we produce everything here in the US using eco-friendly practices means that we minimize the exportation of environmental degradation to third world countries and lowers the carbon footprint of each garment due to shorter supply lines.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin; Gypsy05 Operating Warehouse

Q: Why 05 in Gypsy05?
Justin: Gypsy 05 was established in the spring of 2005 and has grown into a well sought after brand with representation in over 1,000 stores world wide.

Let’s take a look at my “field trip” to Gypsy05 production office. Click photo below for larger image.

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