Gifts Ideas for Kids Under $20

Here are my five favorite gifts for kids under $20.

1. Disney Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Rubber Strap Watch – When I ordered this watch and got it, the colors are very catchy and fun. Kids will surely love them. Quality product too and comes with Disney’s official watch tin can.

PRICE: $12.99 (Price may change)
WHERE TO BUY: Disney on

Disney Mickey mouse colorful kids watch

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2. Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set – Wooden Play Food – I personally like the Melissa & Doug brand. Their toys are usually well-made, safe and fun for kids. Any kid would love this “pretend cutting fruit set”. You can also use this toy to learn how to count, name the fruit and teach them the value of eating fruits!

PRICE: $19.99 (Price may change)
WHERE TO BUY: Melissa & Doug

Cutting Fruit Set Toy

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3. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why (National Geographic Little Kids First Big Books) – Every preschooler or kid has to have this! It helps kids understand in an interactive way what and how basic things work. Highly photographic and playful not only for kids but for parents too! This big book is an adventure in exploration.

PRICE: $11.47 (Price may change)

Kids first big book of why

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Kids first big book of why national geographic

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4. Barbie Fashionista Barbie Doll – Hot Pink Dress – This recommendation goes not only to this doll but I think every girl has to have their own Barbie!

PRICE: $16.99 (Price may change)
WHERE TO BUY: Mattel on

barbie Holiday doll

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and of course, if there is Barbie for girls, there is Iron Man for boys!

iron man toy for boys

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PRICE: $15.42 (Price may change)
WHERE TO BUY: Iron Man on

5. Last but not the least, buy any Photo Albums for Kids under $20 and print photos of the kid you personally took yourself. For example, you must have taken a picture of the child when you attended his/her birthday, during family occasions or gatherings and special Holidays. You can then bring these pictures to Costo, Walgreens, Target, or to any online stores that print photos. If you have no personal photos, go to your friends’ Facebook or old email to see if they have shared photos of their kids to you. Most likely, if you are close to them, you will sure find one easily!

Kids family and friends photo book

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