How to Get Rid of Migraines Naturally

First of all, I am not an expert or a medical doctor so please consult with your doctor first before trying anything. I just want to share with you my personal experience and how I manage my own migraines naturally. It works for me and I hope it works for you too!

how to get rid of migraines naturally

I discovered this migraine solution by accident. I was at a friend’s wedding when I had a migraine attack. You know, the kind that gives someone a terrible throbbing headache that sometimes can make you so nauseous it makes you throw up.

The million-dollar question is, “how do I get rid or my migraines naturally or at least, help me manage and control them?”

The answer is, eat or drink something with MANGOES. That’s right, MANGOES.. It can be either fresh mango juice, a mango smoothie or eat real (ripe/yellow) mango fruit – that’s it. Mango made my headache disappear and had total control of it. If you think your migraine is about to start, just drink mango juice right away. The fresher the better. Here are some samples of a good mango juice brand to try now:

Back to my story, I was attending a friend’s wedding when I had migraine attack. The attack happened right during dinner and since I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t eat, I asked the waiter if they have any fruit juice because I don’t want to drink alcohol, coffee or soda because I’m afraid that the caffeine in it will just make matters worse. So, I asked for any fruit juice and the waiter said, “We have mango juice.” and I said, “Yeah, that will work.”

Then, as soon as finished my glass of fresh mango juice, the migraine was completely gone. I was amazed! At first I thought it was coincidental so I thought of trying it again on my next migraine attack. During my next migraine attack, I bought mango juice and it worked again! So from then on, I’ve always handled my migraine by drinking mango juice. So far, it works.

According to my research, it is possible that the B vitamin or the riboflavin content of mangoes that helps me with this condition. Again, I don’t know because I’m not the expert. I just go with what works effectively with my migraine naturally!

Let me know if it helps you too!

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