Free iPhone Apps for Toddlers

Remember the old times when they used to say, “He/she was born with a silver spoon”? Now, I have to say that it was simply changed to, “Born with an iPhone.”

Yes, toddlers enjoy iPhones as much as adults do and they are the pacifiers of the 21st century.  But of course, it goes without saying to keep a balance between offline and online games because you don’t want them to lose their social skills or stop losing interests developing other hobbies.

Below are my top free iPhone apps in random order.  Some of the apps are meant to help the parents free a bit of their time away from the kids so they can do other responsibilities but most of them can be utilized to teach, bond and interact with their children.

Keep in mind that some of these apps are available in “Full Versions” a.k.a. paid versions.  But the free versions are enough to entertain them.

  • Smart Baby
  • Jingle
  • Shapes
  • Balloon Lite
  • Talking Tom
  • Baby scratch
  • Doodle Buddy
  • Alphabet
  • Baby Phone
  • Lite Skyworks
  • Baby Sitter
  • AlphaBaby Free
  • KidsSongs** – This is one of the few things I eventually purchased because my son can’t get enough of this and we enjoy singing together with it.
  • Baby Piano
  • ABC Cards
  • ABC Phonics
  • Busy Baby – My first baby app and it lives up to its name.  It kept my baby busy.  This was my son’s favorite before he turned 2!
  • Alphabet Car
  • eFlash English – My son learned a lot of his words from this app.  It is a flashcard with different categories!  Ex. Flashcards for body parts, fruits, alphabets, numbers, animals, etc.  This is our bedtime game together and  I can’t believe it’s free!

  • Hutos Video** – Language is expressed in Japanese but the songs are so cute my son and I dance to it!

  • Arcade Hoops
  • DH Bowling – Okay this is the ulitmate app for my son! It’s a bowling game that is manipulated by moving the iphone. I initially downloaded this for myself and I was surprised that my son enjoyed loved it so much!  Believe it or not, a toddler can play this very well!

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