Four Quick Ways to Save (Money, Grocery and Happiness)

Whether it’s money, grocery or happiness. Here are four quick ways to save!

1.  The “Five-Dollar Savings Plan”.

Every time you come in contact with a $5 bill, stick it in a jar! I know one woman who did this and in two year’s time she saved $12,000 quickly!












Here’s a Bormioli Fido Clear Canning Jar 3 Literto use










2.   The picture says it all. Ladies, cut back on the Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Relax, it’s just a bag!













Here’s an alternative. A monogram bag! Canvas Monogram Tote Bag Initial B

3.  Let’s start planting and we’ll save some in groceries!

Photo Credit:












Or buy and bring reusable grocery bags with you with this tiny, expandable Reusable Shopping Tote / Grocery Bag by ChicoBag









4.  How to be happy!

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