Five Recommended Women Fragrances from's Best Sellers

WHAT:  Here are the first 5 best sellers in Women’s fragrances at as of 01/29/2012.  I have not personally smelled all of them but I would agree with those that I have, such as Lovely by SJP &  Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Women.    You can find the link here.   These are not necessarily my recommendations but rather by Amazon’s.

1.  Sex and the City Love for Women

2.  Pink Sugar by Aquolina for Women

3.  Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women

4.  Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Women

5.  Guess New by Guess Women (technically this is #7.  But #5 and #6 of Amazon list were not perfumes.  One was an oil spray and a travel spray which were not relevant to this list).

HOW MUCH:  Price varies according to size.  But below is a good list from Amazon

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MY PERSONAL LIST:  There are so many women perfumes out there but here are my other 5 additions in random order that I could quickly think about while writing this post:

1.  Flower Bomb by Victor & Rolf

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2.  Possibilities by Ann Taylor

3.  Eclat DArpege by Lanvin for Women

4.  Happy by Clinique

5.  Paris by Paris Hilton perfume

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