I Finally Found The Perfect White Button Down Shirt!

WHAT:  I’m so excited to share with you that I finally found the perfect white button down shirt!  It’s Ann Taylor Perfect Long Sleeves Button Down Shirt.

white button down shirt for women

Photo Credit: Ann Taylor website

Ann taylor perfect button down shirt

Photo Credit: Ann Taylor website

WHY: The pictures above don’t do justice but it looks 10x better when I wear it. If you try it on, it fits perfectly. It lives up to its name. You’ll look instantly amazing even with the most simple pair of jeans or shorts. It also look fab with roll up the sleeves. Wear it formal or casual. Either way, it just looks right. I may have to buy more than one because of its many uses. It is a basic shirt that will never go out of style. A real must-have for anyone!

NEED MORE IDEAS HOW TO WEAR IT? Just look at Audrey H below plus a few pics I saw from Pinterest. (Disclaimer: The pictures below are not from Ann Taylor but just to give you an idea of ways to wear a white button down shirt.)

the perfect button down white shirt

Photo Credit: Pinterest

classic white button down shirt

Photo Credit: Pinterest

audrey hepburn white button down shirt

Photo Credit: Pinterest

HOW MUCH: Original Price is $69.50 but Ann Taylor always offer a special discount so you may get it cheaper than that. Check out their stores.

WHERE TO BUY: Ann Taylor stores or http://www.anntaylor.com. Another alternative is Ebay. See below.

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