Featured Stylish Male Celebrity: Grant Harvey, The Secret Life of the American Teenager Exclusive Interview

Photo Credit: James Reese

Here’s an exclusive interview with Grant Harvey, the solo cute guy from the popular ABC show, The Secret Life of The American Teenager!

What was your most recent project and can you please mention what major project you may be working on at the moment?
My most recent project AND what I’m momentarily working on is a show called “The Secret Life of The American Teenager.”  It’s actually taken up most my time over almost the last two years. We’re filming the fourth season now. But this summer I’m shooting a film called “F+.”

What is one most memorable experiences of your career?
It’s difficult to pick just one, but I guess one that immediately jumped to mind was the first day on set of my first gig. Everyone was addressing me like I knew what they were talking about. I knew nothing about being on a set. I had never been on one, afterall. My acting experience went as far as class and auditions, which I was quite comfortable with and excelled at. But actually being on set and in the mix of it was completely different and completely new to me. So I just kept my mouth shut, listened and acted as though I understood what people were telling me. It was all very intimidating. Yet I found some comfort in all of it because despite not knowing much of what was going on around me or being told to me, it was all being done under the presumption that I DID know and that I DID understand. So that unquestioned confidence in me made me much more confident in myself.

What’s your dream role or project?
I grew up watching movies like “Goodfellas” and “Raging Bull” and “Casino” and stuff like that. Even as a little kid I did. And I liked those movies on my own. No one ever put them on and made me watch them. And that taste has really never left me. So my dream role would be something like the leads in those movies. There’s something about the dignity of the characters in those movies. I like that.

How do you describe your style?

Do you have any favorite designers, brand or favorite stores you go to for clothes?
Not really. I guess I like nice jeans. But I get my t-shirts from thrift stores mostly – that way they’re already worn in. I can’t stand a new t-shirt. And I like suits too. But not necessarily a specific designer. It’s a suit; who cares about the designer if it doesn’t look good on you, you know?

Photo Credit: Johnny Mastando

We like your hair! Who styles your hair and how do you maintain your hairstyle on a daily basis?
Thank you! But I don’t really do anything to it. I get it trimmed up every two weeks. It grows fast.

How do you keep nice appearance? Do you have a workout routine?
Yeah, I try to work out everyday. Not crazy lifting stuff but, you know, running and stuff. I either run two miles or do an hour of spin class everyday, and then maybe some sit-ups and things like that.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Charlize Theron.

Who are some of the celebrities you admire?
I admire actors like DeNiro, Leo and Christian Bale. I watch guys like that in awe. I have Brando’s headshot in a frame in my living room.

Share one interesting thing about you.
Mmmm… I don’t have cable. I read instead.

Is there any project you can mention that we should look forward to in the future?
“Secret Life” is only going to get juicier and juicer as the season goes on, so I’d say stay tuned for that.

Thanks Grant!

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