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Yes, you read it right. Fashion Trends 2012. I know it’s already 2013 and I know that we should be talking about fashion trends 2013 also but I just thought that it would be interesting to list what were the Fashion Trends in 2012. Why I care? Because here we are, at the tail end of March and I still see many women extending the fashion trends of 2012 to 2013. There is nothing wrong about wearing the old fashion trends. We could still be wearing some cute mini dress from the 60s or something classic or vintage but it would be also good to know what happened with fashion trends of 2012 (and when to toss out those old styles).

Fashion Quote: “Fashion fades. Style Remains. Just like this Mona Lisa duck lips, so get over it.”

Duck lips mona lisa

Photo Credit: Source unknown

So here we go! Let’s go with our top five 2012 fashion trends list.

Wedge Sneakers for Women

multicolor wedge sneakers

Photo Credit: Steve Madden wedge sneakers

Isabel Marant is one of the biggest shoe designers and well known trendsetter of wedge sneakers. Isabel Marant is a french house of fashion founded 1994 by Isabel Marant. A related article about wedge sneakers can be found here.

The Baroque style

First noticed from Selena Gomez on Elle magazine July 2012 cover. The Baroque style is easily distinguished by its rich fabrics and luxurious embellishments. In fact, I want that dress she’s wearing. For anyone curious what it is, it is the embroidered lambskin top by Balmain. How much? It said “Price on request” which translates to “The dress is too expensive that if we print the price here you may even think of stealing this page.” (kidding).

selena gomez magazine cover elle

Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

Fine, let’s just settle to this $7000 red brocade jacket by Balmain

Prada Baroque Sunglasses – Sported by many celebrities such as Eva Mendes, Kourtney Kardashian and Lady Gaga this Prada baroque sunglass was a big hit last year (although I’m not sure if I want my fashion statement to be in line with Lady Gaga).

prada baroque sunglasses

Sequin Collar or Necklace. I got one and in every color. Too bad it was from last year’s fashion trend but I had fun while it lasted!

Peplum Dress – I remember this style worn by my mom when I was a kid and now it’s my turn to wear it! On a different note, when you click “Peplum Dress” it goes to website and I find it cool that the model moves instead of just a static picture.

halston black peplum dress

Photo Credit: Halston Heritage Women’s Sleeveless Sheath Dress With Side Peplum Ruffle

Spikes and Metallics
From shoes, sweatshirt or accessories, spikes were everywhere last year. A related article can be seen here.

Spike Metallic Shoes Fashion Trend 2012

Spike Metallic Shoes Fashion Trend 2012

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