Fashion Feng Shui by Catherine Sheppard

I just want to share this short but informative Fashion Feng Shui I  learned from Catherine Sheppard (Shoe Dazzle Fashion Stylist and Fashion Feng Shui expert) when I attended Pamper Me Fabulous event recently in downtown LA.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

I never heard of Fashion Feng Shui before (and yes, it exists!) and never thought that it would be that interesting, but Catherine delivered her seminar very well and with great enthusiast that she kept all of us wanting for  more information!

I’m sure that some of you are curious what element you fall into, need help to identify what intentions you want to convey and what fashion statement and choices you should follow in order to for your intentions and elements to be in harmony.

So below are some information to learn about Fashion Feng Shui.

Source: LA Fashion Feng Shui Expert Catherine Sheppard and newest Fashion Stylist of Shoedazzle


The article below will show you how to wear your true self on your sleeve, and attract your deepest desires.  After identifying your personal essence and intentions, you can dress to portray them through all your favorite trends and wardrobe staples.  With Fashion Feng Shui, not only is the act of getting dressed is fun and easy, it also empowers you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Water, The Philosopher

If your ESSENCE is Water, you are intelligent, creative, spiritual, mysterious and introspective.

If your INTENTION is Water, you strive to be more in touch with your inner self.

Fashion Choices: Deep Dark Colors, flowy fabrics, creative styling, artsy details, asymmetical shapes.

Wood, The Pioneer

If your ESSENCE is Wood, you are ambitious, growth oriented, fast moving and dynamic.

If your INTENTION is Wood, you strive to be more active and achieving.

Fashion Choices: Plant-based fabrics, fresh colors like blue, green, and teal, vertical shapes, utilitarian, sporty and movable styling

Earth, the Peacemaker

If you ESSENCE is Earth, you are nurturing, traditional, committed and reliable.

If your INTENTION is Earth, you strive to be more tooted and comfortable.

Fashion Choices: Earth tones, nubby textures, boxy shapes, square patterns (like plaid), traditional styling.

Fire, The Pleasure Seeker

If your ESSENCE is Fire, you are fun loving, passionate, charismatic, dramatic, and the life of the party.

If you INTENTION is Fire, you strive to have more fun.

Fashion Choices: Bright colors, animal prints, lifelike fabrics, loud patterns, sharp shapes and dramatic styling.

Metal, The Perfectionist

If your ESSENCE is Metal, you are detail oriented, refined, organized, elegant, and cultured.

If your INTENTION is Metal, you strive for perfection.

Fashion Choices: Luxurious brands, elegant sytling, pastel colors, round shapes, minimal pattern, metallic and polished textures and quality fabrics.


To learn more about Fashion Feng Shui, check out Catherine Sheppard’s at

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