How to Prepare a Family Emergency Binder

This month I propose this to be “Family Emergency Binder Awareness Month“. It’s about time to pause from our busy life and take time to review and update our Family Emergency Binder. I recommend that every family (regardless how young or old you are) should have one emergency family binder. This binder should contain important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, important cards or IDs such as social security cards, credit cards, deeds, titles, insurance policies and more. Having this binder will make everyone in the family’s life much easier in an event of emergency. The goal of this binder to put all the family affairs in order in case of emergency.

There are many many ways to do this and you can customize your family binder according to your needs and level of creativity. If you want something pre-made or if you need something that will guide you through the process of collecting your information I would recommend just buying this Prepared Binder – Home Edition

Famiily Emergency Binder Home Edition

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All you have to do is supply all content and information. It’s already categorized. In addition to this, I also highly recommend to keep digital copies of them also for increased protection.

What can this binder do for you?

– Store important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, social security cards, deeds, titles, and insurance policies.
– Provide medical information in case of accident or injury
– Inventory your home in case of fire, theft or disaster and develop an emergency plan for your family
– Organize financial paperwork into one location
– Determine memorial plans and record personal information for genealogical purposes

Family Organize Binder

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Family Preparedness Binder

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