The Eye Brow Makeup that Makes You Look Younger! It Conditions, Tames and Temporarily Tints the Eyebrows!

WHAT: Per-Fekt Brow Gel makeup.

WHY I LIKE IT: This brow gel makes you look younger because it brings back the look of natural thick eyebrows rather than an obvious penciled eyebrows. It conditions, tames and temporarily give your eyebrows a tint whether you want it brown, black, caramel, espresso or champagne. It brings life to your regular looking eyebrows!

WHERE TO BUY: You can buy HERE from or your local beauty stores.

HOW MUCH: $20.00

HOW TO USE IT: Apply this gel eyebrow makeup to the direction of the hair then use your favorite eyebrow brush (or cotton bud) to comb, shape and style. I usually start on the middle part of the hair working towards the end of the eyebrow then back to the inner eyebrow. This way I can control the shape more and won’t appear too thick at the beginning of the brow.

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