Exclusive: What’s On My Make Up Bag. My Secret to Five-Minute Flawless and Natural Looking Makeup

“There are no ugly women, only lazy ones” ― Helena Rubinstein

Every woman who have access to makeup should wear makeup on appropriate occasion (ex. work, party, friends get-together, etc.) but it has to look natural. Unfortunately it takes makeup to look natural and flawless at the same time, unless you’re sixteen!

So let me share with you what is currently in my make up bag…. I mean, my “small, daily makeup bag”.  The one that helps me get ready in five-minutes or less everyday.

First I apply Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel. I own two. First the Translucent then the Decadent. This is my “skin perfector” makeup and I combine both shades. My skin is olive so these are the shades that work for me. If you wonder why I use two is because I believe that no facial skin has only one tone. Your face is not all beige or not all white or brown. It’s always a combination of two shades at least so the secret to flawless skin is to use two colors and blend them in!

Per-fekt Beauty - Skin Perfection Gel

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Where to Buy: Available in Amazon.com

I apply my makeup with The Ultimate MakeUp Sponge Applicator. I call it the “egg sponge” for obvious reason. This egg sponge has the perfect shape and texture that they don’t absorb your makeup. Instead, it glides on your face like no other! Want to look “Photoshop flawless” in person? Use this!

egg sponge makeup

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Available in: Amazon.com

Second I use L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Makeup as my liquid foundation. I combine a little bit of Nude Beige and Soft Sable.

Loreal Paris True Blend Natural Beige

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Here’s the link to Buy: Amazon.com

Third I use Estee Lauder Rosewood blush on as part of my Estee Lauder Ultimate Color Makeup Gift Set. Estee Lauder I have to say, is really a high-quality makeup. You’ll just know when you use it!

Fourth I use the Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel. Unlike most eyebrow pencils, this seems to be the easiest to apply that looks natural yet professionally made up! I use “Caramel.”

Eyebrow Gel Makeup

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Here’s the link to buy from Amazon.com

Fourth I use Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara Deluxe Travel Size Mini Set. Since I often use different mascaras and do not want to keep using only one kind, I stopped buying full size anymore yet I get travel size now. It’s just more practical for me.

Oh, I found something cheap on eBay! (if you don’t see the image below click the link above).

Lastly as for the lipstick, it depends on my mood and the color of my clothes. But as a general color that matches almost everything and more natural looking, I use Kat Von D Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick Lolita. It’s like having my natural lip color without fading combined with any of my Estee Lauder lipstick that came with the gift set!

Here’s the link to buy Kat Von D lipstick. I love her products! Kat Von D Lipsticks

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