Exclusive Interview with French Jewelry Designer, Shourouk!


Want to get into the mind of a unique, successful designer?

Meet Shourouk Rhaiem, French jewelry designer

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/


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Me: Where do you get your inspiration?

Shourouk: I get a lot of my inspiration living near the Centre Pompidou and from all the traveling I do for my brand. I also take a lot of inspiration from growing up watching Bollywood films with my mother, which explains the inspiration of my Fall 2011 collection of the Maharaja.

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: Has there ever been a experience or story you wanted to portray in your jewelry?

Shourouk: I am always inspired by my travels and life when creating my jewelry, but in my outfits I am not necessarily trying to tell a story.

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: Have you ever portrayed controversial designs?

Shourouk: I don’t really do anything in my designs that is controversial because I like to keep them classy using beautiful, high quality materials.

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: What are the five fashion items you can’t live without?

Shourouk: Fred Ferrugia makeup palette, slip, hairdryer, my City Twig ring and my Miu Miu boots

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: What is your favorite accessory?

Shourouk: Shoes

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: If you could design the wardrobe for any movie or TV show, which would it be?

Shourouk: Star Wars or Peau d’Âne

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: What is your absolute favorite thing that you’ve made?

Shourouk: Every season I have a new favorite piece, for my upcoming collection I have an eagle design that I am very proud of and really like

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: When did you realize your passion for fashion?

Shourouk: When I was a little girl I was at a wedding in Tunisia and I saw the bride’s dress with all the embroidery and details and I had never seen anything like it and that is what made me realize my passion.

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses in the art of fashion?

Shourouk: One of my strengths is color, but for weaknesses of course we don’t speak of that!

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: What motto do you live by?

Shourouk: I don’t really have a motto

Me: Summarize your fashion career in two words?

Shourouk: Desire and audacity

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: Who are your favorite designers?

Shourouk: Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada, Isabel Marant, Martin Margiela

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: Who would you like to see wearing your designs?

Shourouk: Queen Elizabeth

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me: What is your favorite season for fashion (summer, fall, winter, spring)?

Shourouk: All


Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

Me:Which celebrity do you think has the best fashion?

Shourouk: Chloe Sevigny and Taylor Tomasi

Photo Cred: http://shourouk.fr/

 Interviewed By: Dasha Dorlandt, Guest Blogger/Associate Editor for Emily Recommends

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