Effective and Affordable Teeth Whiteners

WHAT: Crest 3d White Professional Effects Teeth Whitening Strips

WERE TO BUY: Amazon.com or your local drugstores

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CHEAP ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION: Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic Solution

NOTE: Please consult your dentist first before using it. I have not personally used Hydrogen Peroxide but I read a lot about its proven effectiveness on whitening the teeth. Do not use on other parts of the body. More information can be found here. Read label and take at your own risk.

teeth whitener with peroxide

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Let’s see what other people have to say: (Source: Amazon.com reviews)

-“Whitens teeth better than Crest whitestrips and all those other expensive kits!”
-“Occasionally I will recommend hydrogen peroxide to my dental patients to treat stubborn dental gum infections at home. Since most gum infections (gum disease) is caused and furthered by bacteria that cannot grow in an oxygen rich environment, it makes sense to flood their environment with a molecule that releases oxygen, like hydrogen peroxide.

First have your teeth thoroughly scaled and cleaned by a dental professional. Then, when you floss, dip the floss in a mixture of 50% hydrogen peroxide and floss between the teeth, getting the floss as far down as possible under the gumline. Do every tooth contact twice and do this twice a day. It will cut down the pathogenic disease-causing organisms in the dental gum tissues pockets. It must be done consistently to have a lasting effect.

This is certainly not a cure-all since it cannot reach to the depth of deeper gum pockets. However, it will help to kill the organisms that cause gum disease. It is best used when the disease is relatively recent and has not caused extensive pocketing or bone loss.

One can finish the process by dipping ones toothrush in the 50% mixture of hydrogen peroxide and brushing the teeth and gums. Afterwards, one should rinse with water, as hydrogen peroxide leaves a an aftertaste that is not pleasent.”

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