Disable Facebook Places to Protect Your Privacy

Facebook came out with this new feature recently called “Facebook Places” which is enabled by default. There might be one advantage that I could think of (like for example you have been abducted by an alien, at least your friends know that you are out of range!) and several disadvantages that are obvious.  I am a proponent to keeping my location private and it’s already enough that you have a Facebook profile but sharing your location with other people could be giving away too much information.

Here’s how to disable this new Facebook Places Feature.

1.  Log in to Facebook –> Account menu –> Privacy Settings.

2.   Looking at the left side, you should be in Custom screen –> Customize Settings and change these three places.

3.  Three places to change:

a.  Places I check Into – Set to “Only Me”

b.  Include me in “People Here Now” after I check in – Uncheck the box to disable.

c.  Friends can check me into places – Uncheck the box to disable.

Make sure to check also your album, videos, photos, Applications for more privacy options.

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