Coolest Thing I've Ever Seen in An Airport: High-Tech Phone Chargers for Free!

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What is KEO Connect?

Available across the United States in Husdon News airport stores, “KEO connect is a kiosk with lock and charge technology that gives a free phone charge to almost all mobile devices.  There’s no need to have your charger with you or be tied to your phone as it charges. Lock it away safely in a KEO charging lockers and go off ad shop, browse or dine”. (soure:

I first saw it in Miami aiport.  I thought it was just a regular kiosk with running commercials until I touched the screen and figured out that it was a charging station!  (Okay, I didn’t notice the “Free Phone Charge” thing on the side! LOL. I was busy touching the screen!) I wish I recorded a video to show how it works because it was really the coolest kiosk I’ve seen in an airport.  But I was so entertained that it skipped my mind to do that!

It’s pretty intuitive and easy to use!  Don’t get intimidated to use it.  Just touch the screen, create your own PIN and one of the lockers will open.  Leave your phone inside then close the locker.  Of course, do not forget your PIN! It’s your only way to open the locker.  Each phone has its own lockers so it’s not like your sharing space with others.   I don’t know what would happen if you forgot your PIN, I guess you would have to call the store manager but I don’t know how they would handle that.  Just simply remember your PIN! 

Convenience is the way to go!

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