What’s Trending: Collagen Hair Treatment for Soft, Shiny and Beautiful Hair!

WHAT: Collagen Hair Treatment for Soft, Shiny and Beautiful Hair. If you think that collagen’s purpose is to only plump your lips, think again. Collagen is a protein present in all body’s organs and tissues that prevents absorption and spreading of unhealthy substances, environmental toxins, etc. by giving strength to the body.

WHY: Collagen can improve hair’s appearance and follicles that not only work on the outside layers of the hair but also all the way down to the scalp and the hair cuticles. Collagen is now being recognized as an excellent hair treatment that can deeply repair dry, damaged, frizzy and over processed hair. Collagen hair treatment is not primarily intended to straighten the hair but users have found it to reduce frizz, smooths the cuticle and repairs over processed and damaged hair. What I like about this hair treatment is that it doesn’t contain formaldehyde unlike some Brazilian Blowout or other hair treatments to smooth and straighten the hair.

TIP ABOUT THIS TYPE OF PRODUCTS: Protein treatments are intended to repair damaged hair, not for use on healthy or minimally damaged locks or just “dry” hair. Your hair is damaged if you have used a chemical process in your hair at any time (permed, colored, bleached, highlighted, chemically straightened…etc). Protein treatments should be used only as necessary, even in cases of severe damage. Popular intensive treatments are designed to be used every four to six weeks; gentle reconstructing products may be used once every week or two. Excessive protein may cause dryness and severe breakage. Just like with anything else, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. You can over moisturize your hair, over heat it, and you can certainly over kill it with protein treatments. Make sure everything that you do for your hair is done in moderation to keep your hair healthy and balanced. (Source: Planet Eden ebay seller)

PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS AND WHERE TO BUY: Here are some popular Collagen hair treatment I found in the market. Click the link below and you will be redirected to the sellers.

Protein Rx Critical Hair Repair Keratin and Collagen Protein Treatment – Pure Moroccan Oil – Click to buy from Amazon

collagen keratin hair treatment

Photo Credit: Amazon.com seller

collagen hair treatment

Photo Credit: Amazon.com seller

Argan oil collagen keratin protein RX hair repair intense deep treatment – If you click the link, this seller has a lot more FAQ and tips about Collagen Hair Treatment.

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