Want Some Change? Here Are New Hair Color Suggestions for Fall!

When women want to change something in their life, they start with the hair. I don’t know why, but it somehow gives us “that” instant gratification.. whatever it is!

Sometimes also, our hair color should change according to the season! So say bye to summer and hello to Fall! Get ready for some refreshing hair color or style suggestions this coming fall!

1.  Chocolate Low Lights for rich, shiny and healthy looking hair!

Photo Credit: http://beautyonrobertson.com/blog/?tag=hair-color-beverly-hills



















Source Credit: http://beautyonrobertson.com/blog/?p=227

2.  A completely new look with a little color and natural wave hair extensions (by Denise Genova)

Photo Credit: http://beautyonrobertson.com/blog/?p=134

Source Credit: http://beautyonrobertson.com/blog/?p=134

Don’t you just love the relaxed, beach-wave hair seen above?! I’ve never personally met Denise Genova (hairstylist of the two mentioned above) but her ideas here are amazing! If you live in LA, here’s her contact:

Beauty on Robertson, Beverly Hills
239 S. Robertson Blvd., Suite 6
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Tel 310.360.0006

3.  The Perfect Chocolate Brown Hair












4. Copper Hair Color


















Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond, alongside Doctor Who (Mat Smith), in the long running BBC Doctor Who series. – Source/Photo Credit: http://www.waynetippetts.com/?p=12583

5. The “Ombre” Haircolor. Dark at the roots, light at the bottom. This was popular during summer but could still extend through fall.

That’s right! You got it. During summer you lighten your hair. During fall, you darken your hair!

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