Want to be a Stylist or Curious What a Real Stylist Does? Read our Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Stylist, Christopher Mannor!


Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin taken during Style Fashion Week LA 2011

How did you become a fashion stylist? Can you please tell us a bit story how it all began?

My parents met in cosmetology school and my Dad owned a salon for 15 years. That’s pretty much where I grew up, so working in style was never too far off. I just withdrew from Penn State, moved to LA and jumped right into it. Haha There’s a funny story or two in there, but long story short, I first visited LA on a Winter break from college. During this trip, I realized that working in style was still my passion and I decided right then to drop what I was doing in my life – which at the time was studying political science – and began pursuing my dream.

Photo Source: Christopher Mannor


Can you mention celebrities you have styled or worked with?

I’ve worked with a lot of celebs, from Angela and Vanessa Simmons, Ciara, Vanessa Minillo, Holly Madison and Haylie Duff to Mike Tyson, and Terrell Owens. And all of them were great to work with!

Photo Source: Christopher Mannor

What is your most memorable experience from being a stylist?

Working with Mike Tyson was crazy! It was after the first Hangover, right before he left to film the second. GQ flew us out to his home in Vegas for the shoot and we shot at his house — like in Mike Tyson’s house. His wife was pregnant, his little girl, Milan, was adorable and his Mother-In-Law was there helping. It was cool to be able to work with a legend like Mike Tyson in such an intimate setting…and we got some great images.

What are your current projects or most recent major project?

I just worked with Brittany Snow on a cool cover shoot. We got some really great shots of her, kind of, “all grown up”. The clothes were young and sexy, but had a classic feeling. There was a lot of texture and a little 70’s inspiration — previewing Fall trends. Working with Christina Milian was cool, and I also just styled a dope Wynter Gordon performance. I love working with fresh, Young Hollywood kids. With a Young Hollywood star there’s so much potential for helping them become a Style Icon.

How do you define your style and where do you get your inspiration?

There’s a ton of diversity in my work. I don’t think I can pinpoint my style with a name…I think what I do is more defined by the way I work. There’s always something I love about a person’s style. The smallest style decisions catch my eye. With a client, I’m always looking for their style choices because what I do is help them tap into their Style Sense. If I can see where their mind wants to go with a look–what they’re leaning towards, I use what I know about fashion, trends, designers, styles, shapes, etc. to make it translate perfectly into their own wardrobe. I’m inspired by everything. I’m convinced kids are born cool.  Haha Everyone makes small little style choices all the time, and I think when they’re honest and genuine, most often, they’re an eye into a person’s style sense.

Photo Source: Christopher Mannor

Dream project or dream celebrity to style and why?

I would love to get with a brilliant music mind on the brink of exposure and take over the world — Gaga style! Haha I would love to get into tv. I think my approach to fashion and dressing can really change a person’s life. What I do can be applied to a lawyer’s wardrobe, a housewife, a college student, a bachelor…whoever. I really do believe that “image is everything.” How you look more often than not dictates how you feel. I’d love to be able to help make the whole world a little fresher. Haha

Any tips or suggestions when picking an outfit?

Pay attention to the way things fit. Treat your body like a doll’s, and think of each part anatomically. Your torso is one section, your arms another, your legs, feet, hands, head, are all seperate parts. Clothing is cut this way. If the shoulder seam of your shirt falls onto your arms, the shirt is too big! …at least in the shoulders. If people pay attention to cut, size and tailor their clothes to fit their bodies, the quality of their wardrobe will be automatically go up 50%. I guarantee that!  Another thing I’d recommend is define your style and buy pieces that all fit into the same wardrobe. This will help you to be able to mix and match more and create lots of different looks using certain pieces in different ways…and your style should change seasonally. In a year, this is how great wardrobes are built.

Photo Source: Christopher Mannor

Advice to people who want to be a stylist?

If you really want to be a stylist, my advice is to be serious about it. You’ve got to understand that being a stylist is about people. As a stylist you dress people. You need to be able to not only have artistic vision, but you have to think about functionality, comfort, and wearability. For example, more important than how Gaga’s stage outfit looks, is how well she can perform in it.

What is the typical day to day routine of a stylist?

I spend a lot of time in and out of stores. A lot of time shopping…for other people, not myself. Once you come up with the idea for a look, you’ve got to source it. There’s a lot of phoneing and emailing and setting appointments at showrooms. A lot of lugging around bags and bags of clothes. Once I’m on set I unpack clothes onto a rack in the wardrobe area and we start trying looks. A photoshoot can last up to 12 hours depending on how many looks you’re doing. When we wrap, I’ve got to then re-pack all of the clothes and for the next day or so I’m returning things to designers, showrooms etc. This is pretty much a typical few days as a stylist.

Other than styling, what other things you enjoy doing?

Right now styling is everything. I really love what I do and I’m lucky that it keeps me busy. I love shopping. I love getting fly and going out. I write sometimes too. I’m an artist and I really like creating things.

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