What’s the Big Deal about the H&M Wedding Dress for Less Than $100?

Here’s the million-dollar topic every bride is talking about… It’s the H&M’s first wedding dress at H&M price to the tune of less than $100!

H&M Wedding Dress

Photo Credit: H&M

So what’s the big deal about it?

The big deal here is not the dress, but the price point. It’s a total game changer for what has been instilled to the massive mainstream scale of what weddings should be and what brides should aspire to wear…Wedding gowns are all about our long time love affair with the Vera Wang, Pronovias and Marchesa dresses and now insert, H&M. Similar to the idea of what has been planted to our modern society that the engagement ring has to be a diamond and the bigger the carat is, the better.

These horrible standards have discouraged millions of couples from marrying. But the truth is, there’s no right and wrong wedding budget. The right wedding budget is the wedding that you can afford and not be indebted for a lifetime. It’s a celebration of love and two people joining us one. Don’t get me wrong. I myself love big weddings, gorgeous dresses and lavish food. But at the end of the day, it is really all about the relationship of two people moving forward after that day. Any wedding and wedding gowns can be beautiful at any price point.

So going back to this dress, I think it’s alright. It’s not an “Oh My God, I would buy that in a heartbeat style!” It looks like a dress that you totally get what you paid for. You can’t expect a bling or a premium French lace fabric on a $99 wedding dress, instead you get comfort and timeless simplicity that can look elegant with a statement, “I scored it from H&M!”.

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